Personal Insurance

Home and Personal Property

House spring season

Your home is your castle.Whether you own your home or rent your apartment, you need property coverage! What is the Replacement Cost of your home? How much Personal Property coverage do you need? These are all great questions that so many insurance agents don’t take time to discuss with their clients. We don’t just “match” the coverages that another agent gave to you. We actually take time to discuss your coverages needs with you and we custom tailor coverages to fit your needs. Ryan-St. Marie takes pride in explaining coverages to you and doing our best to ensure that you understand the coverages we are providing to you.

Automobile Insurance

Guy leaning on a carBelieve it or not, an individual’s largest risk exposure is their car. The likelihood of having a car accident is much higher than someone getting injured at your house. Additionally, when the auto accident occurs, the injuries and damages will likely be high. For these reasons, having the appropriate amount of automobile insurance is crucial. So how much liability coverage do you need? The answer is not the same for every client. We take time to discuss your driving habits such as how often you drive and how far you drive on a regular basis. When we know your exposures better, we can craft coverages to fit your specific needs.


Personal Liability

man falling in snowWhat if someone gets injured at my house? What do insurance carriers think about trampolines, pools and certain breeds of dogs? These are all questions that revolve around your personal liability exposures. At Ryan-St. Marie we take time to ask you all the questions surrounding your individual risk exposures. We use this information to craft a policy to fit your needs to cover your unique liability exposures. Every person is unique and deserves attention. So how much liability coverage do you need? Let us help you find that answer!



Yachts, small boats, houseboats, pontoons, high performance boats and catamarans are all covered with Boat insurance. Whether they are used for charter, commercial or for personal leisure, boat insurance has policies for each use. The coverage that is available include the following: medical payments, liability, injury and damage to the boat itself. These particular policies cover the boat itself, trailer and the motor. Depending on the state in which you reside, the coverage and polices may be different for each type of vessel.



Recreational vehicles

If your family enjoys the great outdoors, we’ll bet favorite activities include recreational vehicles. Maybe you spend summers waterskiing at the lake. You may enjoy exploring the backcountry on ATVs or snowmobiles. Or you might consider an RV the perfect way to travel — experiencing new places but still getting to spend every night in your own bed.

We understand your active lifestyle — and your desire to help protect the vehicles that go with it. We can help with knowledgeable insights as you choose the coverage you want for these vehicles.