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The Staff of Ryan-St. Marie are here to assist you with any of your insurance needs. We can be contacted via email at your convenience and we will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.


Spencer Ryan JD/RPLU/CIC spencerryan@ryanstmarie.com Owner/President
Teresa M Sabo CISR/CIC teresasabo@ryanstmarie.com Office Manager
Matthew J. St. Marie CIC mattstmarie@ryanstmarie.com Agent
James W. Hanna hannaassoc@gmail.com Agent
Mindy Nielsen mindynielsen@ryanstmarie.com Agent
Adam Gercack adamgercak@ryanstmarie.com Agent

Personal Insurance Representatives

Brandy Eyman brandyeyman@ryanstmarie.com Account Manager
Carla Milkovich carlamilkovich@ryanstmarie.com Account Manager

Commercial Insurance Representatives

Colleen Saterlee colleensaterlee@ryanstmarie.com Account Manager
Rhonda Knotek-Yoder rhondaknotek-yoder@ryanstmarie.com Account Manager
Liana Gonzalez lianagonzalez@ryanstmarie.com Customer Service Assistant